Lap Dances Subject To Sales Tax!

New York States highest court has ruled the tax man can get his share of lap dances.

In a 4-3 decision, the court rejected an Albany-area strip joint’s claim that it should be considered exempt from sales tax because its X-rated shows constitute a “dramatic or musical arts performance.”

The decision means the men’s club,  “Night Moves” will have to pay more than $400,000 to settle its long-standing dispute with the state Tax Department.  So in other words, a $20 lap dance now costs $21.60!  LOL!

Does the government really have any business playing art critic?  I don’t think so.   The State of New York has no business differentiating between the Ballet and what form of dancing is done elsewhere.

Enjoy the government invading your lifestyle and pocketbooks and expect it to intensify in the years ahead.

NY State To Collect Sales Tax For Lap Dancing


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