T-Shirt Color Separation Software

One of the businesses I’ve been involved with over the years has been t-shirt printing in addition to the screen printing of piece goods.  For a while, about ten years I was involved with the day to day operations and also took great interest in the generation of artwork and color separations as this was normally an area of great concern.  Most of our artists were highly trained although a few who actually did the color separations normally employed the use of specialized software such as QuikSeps or more recently UltraSeps.  Both of these t-shirt color separation programs were highly praised by our in-house artists, were cost effective, and did the job quickly.  The computers most often used were Mac based along with wider format Epson printers capable of imaging oversized film as many jobs were in excess of a 20×30 image area.


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  1. Gulf Coastalwear

    We do oversize printing also. Mostly all over style t-shirts using discharge ink. We have two jumbo M&R Challengers, both are old but still working well. If I had to start out now, probably couldn’t afford to equip the shop with new machinery. We use Separation Studio and Ultraseps here for our color separations. Both are good, the best 2 out there.

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